About Us


About us

We welcome you at Yonixwaywas founded in 2018 with a single mission of providing high quality services to their worldwide customers. Yonixway has always believed in returning wealth to the society they serve.

The aim of Yonixway is to provide the best living standards to its representatives and offer them an opportunity to grow both socially & financially. Our Services are not only restricted up to sales but we also offer services after sales. Well before services are provided, we go to great lengths to seek to understand our customer preference & priorities. We customize our business to fit yours. We are flexible, responsive and easy to do business with.

The Yonixway is the amalgamation of cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction and our belief to serve people in the best possible way. We are open to all kind of answer queries, arrange service calls, follow up and provide optimum customer experience. Yonixway and its teams are going to be parts of active business aimed towards development and growth of our proud nation.

Founded on the humble values and aspirations of life - hope, reward, ownership and togetherness, Yonixway offers a plethora of opportunities and support through extensive training resources, mentoring and self-empowerment programs to help you at every step in reaching your goals.

The result of rigorous process -driven product development routine and focused customer satisfaction.Yonixway offers selected range of products that are symbolic of purity, trust and ownership pride.


  • Our prime aim to educate people across the boundary of nation and today Yonixway is prepared to meet this challenge offering Business.
  • To provide individuals a platform for putting their creativity and knowledge.
  • To make people aware of leading a happier and healthier life while maintining a work – life balance.
  • And finally building a spiritual society comprising of vibrant, jubiliant and intelligent people for a better India and better future.
  • Encourage self-employment through Vocational courses and skill development courses.
  • Instill an understanding of life skills and communication skill in order to mould a learner into a magnanimous personality.
  • Encourage Lifelong Learning for continuous professional and personal development.
  • Foster creativity and technological innovation in the teaching-learning process.